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Russian Santas: Gallery 2

An extended assortment of both lacquered and matte finished Russian Santas - most Russian Santas featured in all the gallery sections here are larger pieces (12-20 inches in height).  Visit all the galleries and detail section for close-ups.

New series of Russian Santas finished in winter blues - front

Winter blue Russian Santas - back

Winter blue Russian Santas - #2 front

Winter blue Russian Santas - #2 back

Green and festive Russian Santa Claus - great detail covers both front and back

Green and festive Russian Santa Claus - (back). Christmas is all about children and this one captures it all

16" classic Father Frost - detailed carving with rich painting

A true blue Russian Santa - full scenes both front and back, each with a Santa.

Traditional oil paint and lacquered finish. 360 degree scene and depth not captured in photographs. Beautiful painting

16 inch classic Russian Santa. Beautiful face, lacquered and decoratively painted in fine detail.

Large (22") and traditionally lacquered Russian Santa.

Classic, almost monotone painting -yet very rich. We started to see a few designs like this one emerge in late 2004.

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Russian Santas:  Gallery 2
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Russian Santa detail example - elaborate scene

View the details:
Russian Santas detail

Bottom of typical Russian Santa Claus carving - chisseled out and signed

Typical bottom of most
Russian Santas

It's all about the eyes!!
Most collectors (of any Santa)
go straight to the eyes.  And
The Russian Santa artists are
masters of beautiful eyes.

Small but exquisite Russian Santas

Packed with detail - Great Russian
Santas don't have to be large. 
These guys are 6-8 inches tall.

*all images courtesy of:
Reasons to Believe

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